Can be accessed from User Settings → Splash page on the top menu bar.

A Splash page is the page that will get loaded on your customers' browsers when they access the Wavespot network at your premises.

Customizing this splash page is a very good idea since this real estate can be utilized for custom branding, and also advertise your services, products and special offers to the customers.

The steps involved in customizing the splash page are -

  1. Choose a template that you like.

  2.  Upload a picture that denotes your location, or even the logo of your brand.


    Remember: The ideal size for a concept graphic is 298x222 pixels, and that for the logo is 200x130 pixels.
  3. Choose whether there should be a Photostream slider at the bottom of the splash page, or not. A photostream is a series of photographs embedded on the splash page.

  4.  Finally, mention if you'd like to run a blog feed on the splash page. If so, you can also mention which blog item would you like to be embedded on the page.


Once all the details are updated, click on the Save Changes button.