You can connect your Mailchimp account and start appending collected email addresses to a list directly. This is a great way to build your marketing lists and automate newsletter delivery. We make the process simple. Follow steps below to turbocharge your email marketing program:

Create a new list in your Mailchimp account: You just need one field in this list - the email address. Mailchimp has a great article that describes the process.

Attach your Mailchimp list to Wavespot dashboard: You will need an API key from your Mailchimp account for this. You can find instructions to locate your API key  here. Once you have the API key handy, just head over to your Wavespot dashboard and navigate to Integrations-->Mailchimp.

In the next screen, you will select a Wavespot MAC-ID, to which you want this list attached. All MAC-IDs in your account will be available under "Location" drop down.

Now, enter your API key in next field and click on "Get List"

In the next field ("Add patrons to the list"), select the Mailchimp list you would like these emails to be appended to. You will most likely have multiple email lists and make sure to select the list where you want to append records.

Hit "Save Changes".

That is it - you now automatically append emails to the Mailchimp list. You can start using rich campaign management features of Mailchimp including newsletters and Autoresponders .