Can be accessed from User Settings → Location Fanpage on the top menu bar.


This page shows the FB account with which the Wavespot service is connected, and also the FB Fan page that's been configured. You can not just customize the FB fan page URL that'll be monitored by the Dashboard, and can also customize the FB account with which the Wavespot service should be connected. This is important to be able to specify which Fan Page should your patrons 'like' before they can access the Internet for free. 


The bottom of the page shows the Facebook Account that has been linked with Wavespot, and also the fan pages that are administered by the user.

To reconnect Wavespot with a different Facebook ID, click on the 
Re-link or change your linked Facebook Account link, and then log in again using a new Facebook ID.

To set a different fan page as the default one for Wavespot, just click on the 
Set as Wavespot Fanpage link alongside the row of the aforementioned fan page.

Now, double check all your changed settings and click on 
Save Changes.