Navigate to User Settings -> Splash Template. Under Social Authentication, you can choose how you would like your customer to connect to your Wavespot router. You have the options of selecting Facebook/Twitter Login, Facebook/Twitter Like login, or select one social login individually. There is also an option for Click and Go which just requires the user to click a button and connect to the Wavespot router. Once you select how you would like your customers to login, then look to the splash templates below. You can click on one and preview in either Mobile, Tablet, or Laptop, which will show you how it would look on that device. Click on the template that interests you and click Save Changes

Once you have saved your selection, go to Additional Settings in the top right corner. On the top of the page you should see Optional Settings. Here you can select additional ways for your customers to connect to your Wavespot router, logging in through Email and using an Access Code. An Access Code is a weekly password that you can be given out at your business. Select which login options you would like to allow in addition to your login settings on the previous page. Underneath Optional Settings, there is Auto MAC Authentication. This option allows us to remember the devices that connect to the Wavespot router so that if a customer comes back, it will auto-log them in. Select which type of logins will be remembered or none if you do not want that feature. Below in Auto MAC Auth Days, input how many days you would like to remember them. Leaving this box blank will default to 7 days. In the next box, Twitter Screen Name, input your Twitter handle (ex. @wavespot) if you would like it to appear on the splash page. 

Depending on the template, you may see Background Color and Text Color on Splash Page. If the template supports it, you can move the circles around to customize the colors for the background and text on your splash page. 

At the bottom of the page you should see Upload and Concept Graphic and Logo beneath. Here you can click Choose File to select a photo that you would like to put on your splash page. Once it has been selected, click Upload. Once it is finished uploading, it should show up as a box with two bubbles in the bottom right corner. Select how you would like the image to be used. If you want it to replace the large default image on the splash page, select Concept Graphic or select Logo if you want it to replace the default image that was imported from your facebook fanpage. All templates show the Logo on the splash page, but only some support the Concept Graphic. The last setting is Photostream Slider which also varies with the template selected. Here you can select Photostream On if you would like to upload multiple Concept Graphic images which will rotate with every connecting user. Once you are done with your selections, click Save Changes.