A single router cannot always extend its WiFi as far as you would like. There are situations in which you may need to extend the network. Some of these situations are:

  1. Being in multi-leveled building
  2. Trying to pass WiFi through walls made of dense material like concrete and brick
  3. Sending wifi near steel pillars and elevator shafts
  4. Sending signal over an expansive floor

To deal with these obstacles, you can add an access point which picks up the signal from your Wavespot Router and sends out the signal again. To accomplish this, you will need to buy an access point and have an ethernet cable. Place the access point in a location where you would like to extend the network. Then plug in the ethernet cable in the back of the access point and plug the other end into one of the LAN ports of the Wavespot Router. Once that the access point is plugged in and powered, go into your Wavespot Dashboard and go to Configuration -> Wireless Configuration -> Wavespot Service Modes. In the dropdown box select (Wireless + Wired) Public + Wireless Private which will enable the public network on the LAN port of the Wavespot Router. Select Save and click OK which will prompt your router to be rebooted. Wait a few minutes for the Wavespot Router to be rebooted and then your access point should now be extending your public wireless network.