If you have set up your splash template and your other settings and now want to test it out on your device, here are some things you should be sure to do:

1. Turn off Auto MAC Authentication - Auto MAC Authentication will remember you logging in and will auto log you in the next time you try to connect. Be sure to turn it off so that it does not remember you and will therefore bring up the splash page.

2. Log out of Facebook - In the browser that you will be using, log out of Facebook. If you do not, it will already have your credentials so it may log you in and skip the splash page.

3. Log out of the Session - If you had logged into the Wavespot public network recently, you still may be logged into a Wavespot session. Be sure to logout by going to

4. Forget Wavespot Public Network - If you are going about the testing process multiple times, be sure to forget the Wavespot public Network and restart the WiFi on your device. You can forget the network on most devices by going to Settings->WiFi. Click on the Wavespot public network and click Forget. Then reconnect to the network and test it.