Some Internet connections need the router to have a static IP address, instead of the general practice of a dynamic one. The Wavespot router allows the user to configure the same using the admin configuration panel.

  1. Connect your computer with the Wavespot router via the ethernet [LAN] cable. Alternatively, make sure your computer is connected to the SSID named Wavespot.
  2. Fire up the browser, and navigate to the location or
    Remember: The admin panel can be accessed only by Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers. Internet Explorer is unsupported. 
  3. At the authorization page, enter the user credentials for the router. The default username is root and the default password is the last 3 octets of the router's MAC ID [in capitals], including the colons. For example, if your MAC ID is 01:2E:34:5C:67:B8, the password will be 5C:67:B8

  4. After logging in, make sure that the WAN button is selected at the top right.

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  5.  This is the page where you can configure the IP address, subnet mask, Gateway, and DNS details, as prescribed by your Internet service provider. By default, the router is configured to use DHCP settings. Click on the drop-down combo box and select Static.
    Remember: Do not input the dots while entering the IP addresses. The dots are already provided in the UI. 


  6.  Once the settings have been entered, click on the Save changes button to commit the new settings.