Deliberant APC Configuration Guide


Open a ticket with Wavespot​ and provide MAC ­address of all Deliberant APC devices to be connected to Wavespot Cloud. Provide your full name and a phone number in the ticket for follow up. You should proceed with next steps only after a ticket completion email is received.

Connecting to Device:

Set your computer’s ip address to be static with information below.

  • IP Address ­ IP Address that is in subnet (ex.
  • Subnet Mask ­
  • Gateway/Router IP ­

Connect the APC ethernet port to an ethernet port on your computer and let the APC boot up completely.

Go into your internet browser and type in​ in the URL box. 

You should be taken to the login screen for the device. If the login credentials have not been changed, then login with the credentials below:

  • Username ­- “admin
  • Password ­- “admin01

Configuring Device:

Once you are logged in, select the “Configuration”​tab and click on the “Network”​tab from its drop­down menu.

Go to “Network Mode”​and select “Router”​in the drop­down.

Switch from the “Network”​tab and click on the “Wireless”​tab below the “Configuration”​tab. Navigate to “SSID”​and set the name for your broadcasted network. Check off the “Broadcast SSID”​box to enable the network.

Navigate to the “Security”​section and select “UAM”​from the “Security”​drop­down.

In the Security section you need to enter the following information below:

  • NASID ­ M AC Address of device (Radio MAC)
  • Radius Server 1 ­ Shared Separately 
  • Radius Server 2 ­ Shared Separately 
  • Radius Secret ­ Shared Separately
  • Radius Auth Port ­ Shared Separately  
  • Radius Acct Port ­ Shared Separately 
  • Radius Web Page Type ­ External
  • UAM Login Page ­ Shared Separately  
  • UAM Secret ­ MAC Address of device (Radio MAC) 

Go down to the “DHCP Server Settings”​and input the following information:

  • Interface IP Address ­
  • DHCP Server ­
  • SubnetMask­ 
  • DNS Server 1 ­ 

Navigate to “White list”​and add the following domains to the list:

Facebook :,,,

Twitter:,, twitter­





Sina Weibo:

Note:The Deliberant APC’s walled garden allows two entries short of all our whitelist domains. We advise you to either not include the LinkedIndomains or to not include the Instagramand Sina Weibo domains.

Once all this information has been inputted, click on “Apply and Save. Then restart your device and you should be all configured.