Ruckus Zonedirector Setup Guide


Configure Ruckus Zonedirector to enable location as Hotspot powered with Wavespot Cloud solution.


In order to use a Ruckus Zonedirector as Hotspot, it is necessary that the Zonedirector and the Access Points are connected to the Internet. The Access Points must be configured to correctly point to the controller. 


1. Login to Ruckus Zonedirector through the web UI and navigate to “Configure” tab. 

2. RADIUS server configuration

Click on “AAA Servers” on the left menu to access accounting and authentication configuration. In this case, add a new authentication server by clicking “Create New”. 

RADIUS server must have a name. For Authorization phase, the selected Type must be RADIUS and for Accounting phase, the selected type must be RADIUS Accounting. 

First configure the authorization phase (Type = "RADIUS").

Second, create the RADIUS server for the accounting phase (Type = "RADIUS Accounting").

Now you will see two entries on the page with Radius configured for type Radius and type Radius Accounting.

3. Hotspot Service configuration

Click on “Hotspot Service” on the left menu to configure Hotspot Services entries. In this case, add a new hotspot service by clicking “Create New”.

Here you need to configure the hotspot details:

Name: Hotspot Name
Login Page: The Wavespot Splash Page URL (provided at the time of installation)
Start Page: This should be selected to redirect to the specified URL (provided at the time of installation)
Authentication Server: Select the AAA authentication server configured in above step 

Accounting Server: Select the AAA accounting server configured in the above step

In addition to the Splash Page URL and Radius, you can configure list of web sites than can be visited by end-users without login in to the Wifi. This can be configured by adding a list of IP address or host names under Walled Garden.

The correct value to whitelist will be provided at the time of installation.

4. WLAN Configuration

Click on “WLANs” on the left menu to configure WLANs and assign the above created hotspot to a WLAN. You can either edit an already configured WLAN and select the above created hotspot or can create a new WLAN by clicking the link “Create New”.

Here provide the Name and ESSID to the WLAN and select the authentication method to be “Open”. As Hotspot Services, select the Hotspot Service configured in the previous step.

In the same section, it is required to create a new WLAN Group. You can configure a new WLAN Group by clicking on “Create New” under WLAN Groups sub-section.

A WLAN Group can include one or more WLANs. For now, add the WLAN that we created in the previous step ("WLAN1").

5. Access Point Configuration

Next step is to apply this configuration on the deployed Access Point.
Click on “Access Point” on the left menu to configure access point and assign them previously created WLAN/WLAN Group.

Select the WLAN Group to the group created in the previous step and save.

The configuration is now complete and the WLAN is available with Wavespot Services.