Ruckus - Zoneflex : Quick Setup Guide 


1. Open a ticket with Wavespot and provide MAC-address of all Ruckus AP to be connected to Wavespot Cloud. Provide your full name and a phone number in the ticket for follow up. You should proceed with next steps only after a ticket completion email is received.

Integrating Ruckus AP with Wavespot Cloud:

- Login to Ruckus Zoneflex AP through the web UI and navigate to “Hotspot” tab under configuration.

- Configure the Hotspot with the following details:

  1. Hotspot Service: Enabled

  2. Redirect unauth user to:

  3. After user is authenticated: This should be selected to redirect to the specified URL :

  4. Primary Radius Server:

  5. Secondary Radius Server:

  6. Radius Secret: Shared Separately

  7. Click “Edit Settings” on More options: Mention the NAS ID of the AP in the XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX format 

8. Click “Edit Settings” on Walled garden: Add the following under the walled garden

Twitter:,,,, twitter-,


- Select the Hotspot service created above under Configuration >> Wireless for the Wireless Network you want to enable Wavespot cloud.