Xirrus: Quick Setup Guide


  1. Open a ticket with Wavespot and provide MAC-address of all Xirrus routers to be connected to Wavespot Cloud. Provide your full name and a phone number in the ticket for follow up. You should proceed with next steps only after a ticket completion email is received.

Integrating Xirrus with Wavespot Cloud:

  1. Log in to the Web interface of the Array AP with the right credentials

  2. Configure Xirrus Access Point

  • Under the “SSID” section, click on “SSID Management” on the left menu and configure the SSID

  • Underneath the current SSID's, enter the ssid name(Eg: Xirrus 620) and click on Create

  • Under SSID Xirrus 620 WPR Whitelist Configuration:

    Facebook: *.facebook.com, *.facebook.net, *.fbcdn.net, *.akamaihd.net
    Twitter: *.twimg.com, *.twitter.com, *.twitter-any.s3.amazonaws.com

    Wavespot: *.wavespot.net, *.newrelic.com, *.cloudfront.net, *.s3.amazonaws.com

  • Configure the Radius Server
    - Select External Radius
    - Primary Radius Host: radius.wavespot.net
    - Port: 1985
    - Radius Secret: Shared Separately
    - Enable Accounting
    - Primary Accounting Host: radius.wavespot.net
    - Port: 1986
    - Radius Secret: Shared Separately

  • Configure the Global External Radius under Security:
    - Configure Radius Parameter as above
    - Select Called Station ID Attribute as : Ethernet-MAC
    - Select Station MAC Format as: UC-hyphenated(XX-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX)
    - Accounting: ON

Activate Wavespot account:

  • Create a new account at http://app.wavespot.net/wavespot/activate. Select the service plan (Standard / Premium) and enter any discount code provided by your Account Manager.

  • Enter MAC-Address of first Xirrus Array when activating a new account.

  • After activation, you can add additional APs by navigating to “User Settings” → “Add location” under master account.