TP-Link WDR4300 Firmware Support 

Updating Your Device with Wavespot Firmware:

1. Plug in the power to your router and make sure the power button is pushed in. Connect an Ethernet cable from your computer to one of the LAN (yellow) ports of the router. Also be sure to have an Ethernet cable connected from your internet source (modem or router) to the WAN port (blue) of your router.

2. Be sure your computer has internet access and download the Wavespot firmware sent to your email account.

3. Go into the network settings of your computer and see what the LAN ip address of the router is. It should be labeled as router or gateway. 

4. Open up your internet browser and type in the router ip address you found in the URL box and press enter.

5. You should be prompted to enter your username and password to access your TP-Link router.

6. The router configuration page below will be on your screen. 

7. Now go to System Tools at the bottom of the side bar. Once it has been clicked, choose Firmware Upgrade. 

8. On the Firmware Upgrade page click Choose File to select the Wavespot firmware file you downloaded previously. Once it has been chosen, click Upgrade and it will begin the firmware upgrade process. 

9. Wait up to 5 minutes and the firmware upgrade process should be complete. Once it is done flashing, find the LAN router ip address by going to your network preferences. It will most likely be or Open an internet browser and type in the ip address. It should take you to a login page for your router and it should say Wavespot on the page. If you see this, then the flash was successful. 

Provisioning the Router:

Submit a support ticket at Submit your MAC Address for your router in the ticket and put in the title that the router needs to be provisioned. We will provision the router on our end so that your router can communicate with our server.