Aruba Controller: Quick Setup Guide


1. Open a ticket with Wavespot and provide MAC-address of the Aruba Controller. Provide your full name and a phone number in the ticket for follow up. You should proceed with the next steps only after you have received confirmation of receipt from an account representative. 

Integrating Aruba Controller with Wavespot Cloud:

1. Login to your Aruba controller web interface and click on Configuration
2. On the left menu, under Wizards choose Campus WLAN 

  • Under then WLANs box click New. Enter SSID Name (eg: Wavespot WiFi)

Click Next.

  • Forwarding Mode: Tunnel (unless you have an existing setup)

Click Next and configure the next screen as

  • Radio: All
    Broadcast SSID: Yes
    VLAN: 1 (unless you have a specific VLAN to use)

Click Next and configure the next screen Internal/Guest as:
  • Is this WLAN intended for internal or guest?: Guest

Click Next and configure the next screen Authentication & encryption as: 

  • Select Captive portal with authentication via credentials

Click Next and on the captive Portal page again click Next to configure Authentication Server

  • On the section click Add to configure the Radius Authentication as:
                   - Server type: RADIUS
                   - Name: WSRadius
                   - IP Address: Shared Separately
                   - Auth port: Shared Separately
                   - Acct port: Shared Separately
                   - Shared key: Shared Separately
                   - Retype key: as above

Click OK and then Next and configure Role Assignment as:

  • Pre-authentication role: Wavespot WiFi-guest-logon 
              Authenticated role: guest

Click Next and then click Finish to confirm.

3. On the Left, Under Advanced Services click on Stateful Firewall.

  • Select the Destination tab and click on Add.

                   -  IP Version: IPv4

                   - Destination Name: wavespotwifi

  • Click the next Add button to whitelist the below mentioned domains

                   - Rule Type: Name

                   - Domain Name: Enter one by one from the below list.

  • Destination Domain names:


Click Apply after adding the domains.

4. On the left, under Security, click on Authentication.

  • Select the L3 Authentication tab and click on Wavespot WiFi-cp_prof. Configure the parameter as follows

                   - Default Role: guest

                   - Default Guest Role: guest

                   - Redirect Pause: 0

                   - User Login: Ticked

                   - Guest Login: Unticked

                   - Logout popup window: Unticked

                   - Use HTTP for authentication: Ticked

                   - Authentication Protocol: PAP

                   - Login page: Shared Separately

                   -  Welcome page: Shared Separately

                   - Show Welcome page: Unticked

                   - Add switch IP in redirection URL: Ticked

                   -  White List: Add wavespotwifi from the list (Configured in previous step)

                   - User idle timeout: 3600

Click Apply to Save

  • On the same page, select the AAA Profiles tab and click on Wavespot WiFi-aaa_prof.
                   - Initial role: Wavespot WiFi-guest-logon
                   - RADIUS Interim Accounting: Ticked 

Click Apply to Save

  • Now click on the RADIUS Accounting Server Group and configure as:

                   - RADIUS Accounting Server Group: Wavespot WiFi-srvgrp-xxx. You will see the name of Radius server configured in the first step.

Click Apply to Save.

  •  On the same screen, select the Servers tab and click on RADIUS Server

                   - Select WSRadius (created in the first step) and configure the following:

                       >  Mode: Ticked

                              >  MAC address delimiter: Colon

Click Apply to Save

5. Finally, click Save configuration at the top and reload/reboot the controller to ensure all settings take effect.

Activate Wavespot account:

  • Create a new account at Select the service plan and enter any discount code provided by your Account Manager.

  • Enter MAC-Address of Aruba Controller when activating a new account.