Cisco Meraki: Quick Setup Guide


1. Open a ticket with Meraki to enable Walled Garden Domains and RADIUS accounting.

2. Open a ticket with Wavespot and provide MAC-address of all Meraki routers to be connected to Wavespot Cloud. Provide your full name and a phone number in the ticket for follow up. You should proceed with next steps only after a ticket completion email is received.

Integrating Meraki with Wavespot Cloud

1. Login to Meraki dashboard at

2. Configure Access Control

●  Under the “Configure” section, click on “Access Control” on the left menu and configure as follows:


● Select Association Requirement as Open (no encryption)

● Select Splash Page as “Sign-on with my RADIUS server”

● Add Radius server for Splash Page by clicking Add a Server. Configure: Host: shared separately | Port: shared separately | Secret: shared separately

● Select Radius accounting is enabled in the Radius accounting dropdown and click Add a Server.
Configure the following details 
shared separately | Port: shared separately | Secret: shared separately

● For “Captive portal strength” dropdown, select “Block all access until sign-on is completed” option

● Select  “Walled garden is enabled” for Walled Garden dropdown

● Walled garden ranges:

Facebook: *, *, *, *

                                   Twitter: *, *, * 

                                   Wavespot: *, *, *, *

● For Client IP assignment” section, please Select “NAT mode

● Click on Save changes.

3. Under Splash Page section on the left menu, configure the following:

● For Custom splash URL, choose 'provide a URL where users will be redirected' and configure value as

● Under Splash behavior for: Where should users go after the splash page? choose, A different URL and input the value as

● Click: Save

Activate Wavespot account:

● Create a new account at Select the service plan (Standard / Premium) and enter any discount code provided by your Account Manager.

● Enter MAC-Address of first Meraki AP when activating a new account.

After activation, you can add additional APs by navigating to “User Settings” → “Add location” under master account.