SIM Auto-Detection

This feature allows the user to insert a SIM into an unconfigured, non-cloud controlled router for immediately use. Please follow the steps below to auto detect the SIM and switch between multiple SIMs.

Step 1: Your router should be unplugged, and should not be added to the cloud controller. Note, once a cloud is connected to a Pronto device, all 4G settings are managed via the controller

Step 2: Attach all antennae to the router.

Step 3: Insert your SIM into the router.

Step 4: Plug in the power adapter and power on the router. It will take 4-5 minutes for the router to come up. Test connecting to the LAN or Wifi of the router once the device is online. The router will be auto provisioned to use 4G from the SIM added to the router.

Switching SIMs 

If you wish to use another provider’s SIM, turn off the router, remove the previous SIM, insert the new SIM, and power on the router. The router must then be reseted to Factory Default to accept the new APN settings.

To Reset:

Step 1: Find the reset button is located between the USB port and the power adapter port.

Step 2: Press and hold it down for 15 seconds, then release.  All the LEDs will flash on together once, to indicate a reset.

The reset will take 4-5 minutes. Your router should now be ready to use over 4G with the new SIM.