Wavespot automatically collects emails from Wi-Fi  users, additional sources - through API integration, and rich profile data from third part databases, CSV uploads and eCommerce applications. Wavespot's marketing automation service helps enterprises aggregate growing database of customers and drive measurable results from digital and in venue campaigns.

How to create a List:

Lists building is a core part of Wavespot's marketing automation solution. The integrated list building solutions allows enterprise to segment and assign customer data for targeted marketing. 

  • Navigate to CRM - Lists
  • Click on 'Create New List' to make your own
  • Set Name and Description
  • From Access select one of three options: Private, Public, or Custom.

                 Selecting Private means that list will only be visible and used by you and your locations.

                 Selecting Public  will publish the list to your entire business account, and any franchisee will be able to access it.

  • From  List Target select Rules and click on the drop down to create a set of rules. Choose from age, gender, email, birthday, user (number of visits) and followers (number of Facebook Friends) and more to create your customer list.
  • Click‘Submit’ and your list will appear under the ‘List’ section