Create a Marketing Campaign

     Wavespot offers additional tools to engage with customers outside of email marketing. Some of these tools include, advertisements, targeted in-venue coupons, captive portal messaging, surveys and more.

The section below will cover the steps to configure a marketing campaign:

 Step 1: Create a Marketing Campaign

  • Navigate to CRM - Marketing
    • Click on 'CREATE'  from the 'Wi-Fi Marketing' section
    • Give you coupon a NAME for the customer to see
    • Create a URL either by typing one yourself or clicking Generate Slug (and the system will create one for you).           

     Every coupon created in the Wavespot system has a unique URL. You can take this URL and post it on Facebook, on you website, etc.

     This enables brands to share the coupon with customers through digital channels.

  • Write a description. Customers will see this when they receive the coupon. Wavespot recommends that this be a clear but engaging message such as " Present this to your server and receive [ % ] off your purchase".
  • Select a Run Period. This is the time frame for coupon campaign
  • Coupon time Zone: The time zone associated with the coupon
  • Choose marketing type. (pick from coupon marketing, advertisement, sweepstakes, surveys and more). 


  Step 2: Choose which customers should receive it

  • Check Use as a post authentication page                    

           This will make the coupon popup as soon as customers sign into WI-Fi.

  • Select the location where you want to reward your customers      

           If you select more than one venue - the system can automatically send offers to customers at multiple locations.

  • Target the audience you want to reach by selecting Real-Time Marketing List

           You can setup a general campaign for all, or target specific customer lists such as Birthdays, Visits (to 1st time visitors, 10th time                   visitors, etc). These lists can be created in the list section of wavespot.

  •  Once you select your list, click " Save & Proceed ".


  Step 3: Select and Personalize Marketing 

  • Click on a template to select it
  • To make edits to content or images, click on the small graphic at the bottom
  • Save changes.     


Step 4: Encourage customers to share the coupon with friends

  •  Choose a redemption technique
  •  Save Changes
  •  If you want to give your customers the option of sharing the coupon on Facebook, check the box for Make  redemption technique optional
  •  Within User can redeem set how many times each customer can claim the coupon         
  •  Within User can view set how often each customer should see the coupon

             Select Preview to view the coupon from a customer's perspective