Create a new Email campaign:

Step 1: Creating a New Campaign

  • Navigate to CRM - Campaign

  • Click on ‘CREATE NEW CAMPAIGN’ from the ‘Email Campaigns’ section

  • Choose the campaign type – Email, Welcome, Welcome 24 hour trigger, and absentee trigger

  • Input name,type,set to scheduled or save as a draft,set your time zone, add description and tags

  • Completed campaigns should be marked as scheduled and partially completed campaigns should be saved as drafts

  • Save Changes

Step 2 : Select and personalize template

  • Select one of the templates by clicking on the template widget
  • Hover over the template you want to use and click the pencil symbol to customize the template with your unique content.
  • Save changes

Step 3: Edit the template

  • Hover over your template and click on the gear symbol to edit yourtemplate

  • Create the Subject and Preheader-Text

  • Choose one time delivery, or multiple (for recurring use of the template)

  • Schedule a time when the email will be sent out

  • Save changes

Step 4: Choose you audience

  • Add location: Clicking on the Add Location field will give you a drop down of all the locations you have active with wavespot. Here you can choose which location's customers you'd like to target with this email campaign
  • Add Lists: The Wi-Fi login process, 3rd party database collects customer information such as number of visits, ages, genders, birthdays, geography and more. In the " Add List" filed, a Wavespot admin can select the target list of registrants that should receive this campaign
  • Reply to: Customize the return email. This is also the email handle that customer will see when receiving you email.
  • Tracking: Tracks opens and clicks to get in-depth analytics on which emails resonate with your customers
  • Test your campaigns by first sending them to yourself or other team members.