How to view Email campaign reports:

Wavespot also provides comprehensive analytics and reporting for specific email campaigns. To access detailed campaign reports:

  • Navigate to CRM - Campaign
  • Click the ' four bars' icon to view the details of the particular campaign. The details are include
    • Total email reach: Total number of emails that were send out.
    • Campaign Templates: number of templates used for the campaign
    • Campaign Status: whether the campaign is scheduled or not
    • Lists: the target audience for the email campaign
    • Unsubscribers: total number of people who unsubscribed from the mailing list
    • Emails Remaining: number of emails that still have to be sent out
    • Next Schedule Timing: the time when the campaign is scheduled

   The Following pie chart depicts the client and browser usage of the specific email campaign.


  • Deliver: total emails delivered
  • Open:

    • Unique: Number of unique email ids, the emails were send to

    • Total: Total number of email ids which received the emails

    • Click

    • Unique: Number of unique emails ids who actually opened the email

    • Total: Total number of emails that were opened

  • Bounce: Number of emails that did not reach the desired email address

  • Spam: Number of users who marked the email as spam

  • Unsubscribe: Users who opted out of the mailing list

  • Recent Emails: Email addresses and the corresponding status of the email sent

  • Template: The name of the template and the number of sent emails

  • Country/State: Correlates email and addresses with their geographic breakdown