The management portion of the platform is segregated into three sections - Admin Users, Permission Profiles and Locations.

The admin feature is use to create the Wavespot user's access details. 

To create an Admin User:

  • Click on 'Management' button to create a Admin User
  • Click on the '+' button to add a new user
  • Enter the necessary details            
    • Enter personal details - First name, last name, Email, phone and timezone
    • Enter authentication details - desired username, password, Access details and whether the account should be activated             
    • Select access details - i.e Does the user get access to the full brand/zone/location(s) and more
    • Assign read/write/admin permissions     
  • Select the Permission to Admin 
  • Click 'Save' and the new user is created
  • Once the account is set as active, the user will ge an email instantly. The email contains a link to the online portal, the user's username and password.