Configure Subscription Plan:

The subscription management system features a comprehensive admin suite that provides flexibility and scalability, along with automation of routine charging and billing operations. A Subscription is described as a post-paid plan, where the user is billed monthly. To create a subscription plan:

Navigate to ConfigurationUser ManagementSubscription Plan

  • Plan Name: Pick a suitable name for the new plan.

  • Select B/W Policy: Select the policy from the drop down list or create your own by clicking ‘Create New’. The ‘Create New’ link will take you to the ‘User Bandwidth Policy’ page.

  • Plan Type: Choose between‘Unlimited’ or ‘Limited’ plans.

    • Unlimited Plan: This plan has no time or data restrictions and is automatically renewed monthly until the user chooses to discontinue the subscription.

    • Limited Plan: This could be either a time based or a volume based plan.

  • Usage Type: Choose between a volume or a time based plan.

    • MB|Minutes:Enter the maximum number of minutes that can be used within the defined ‘Validity Minutes’ for limited plans. Similarly, for a data based limited plan, allocate a data usage threshold.

  • Type of Plan: Choose between‘free’ or ‘paid’ plans.

  • Price Amount: Enter the rate at which the plan is offered to the customer.

  • In-session Ads: Display advertisements in between the active user sessions.

  • Allowed number of concurrent sessions:The number of simultaneous sessions that a user can have with  the same credentials. This can apply across one or more devices.

         Click ‘Create’.