Create Subscription User:

Navigate to Configuration-User Management-Subscription User

  • User ID: Create a user id.

  • Password:Apply a password to the account.

  • Name:Set the new user’s name.

  • Email:Add the email id of the user.

  • Mobile Number: Add the user’s contact number.

  • Select Gender: Choose a gender.

  • Birth Date: Select the date of birth.

  • Subscription Plan: Select the desired subscription plan for the user.

  • Check the ‘Enable FUP’ check box to activate this option.

    • Fair Usage Policy (also known as Fair Access Policy or Bandwidth Cap) is implemented by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) worldwide. In an unmanaged network, a small number of customers can use an excessive amount of the network bandwidth and impair the experience for the majority of connected clients. Operators need to deploy a broadband policy control solution that provides differentiated control policy and data plans for subscribers, thus improving their operation efficiency.

  • MAC Authentication: By enabling‘MAC Authentication’ check box, a particular device can be authenticated for future instances. Add the MAC ID of the device in the allocated space to register the device.

  • Note:This option is not applicable for External Users (LDAP and GoogleApps)

  • Send SMS: User credentials are sent to the registered mobile number.

  • Print Account: Enable this option to print an invoice.

The ‘Subscribed Users’ table at the bottom of the page provides information about the subscription users and their subscription details like Plan Name, B/W Policy, etc. 

The table contents are:

  • User Id: The Id used while creating the user.

  • Name:Name of the user.

  • Mobile:Phone number of the user.

  • Plan Name: The plan associated with the user.

  • FUP B/W Policy: SLA

  • Subscription Date: The date on which the user registered.

  • Due Amount: Currency amount to be paid.

  • Due Date: The last date to clear the due amount.

  • MAC Auth: Status of the user’s MAC Auth.

  • Status:Shows if the user is active or not.

  • Modify:This option can be used to change the name, email and mobile number of the user as well as deactivate the account.