Create Vouchers:

In this section, you can

  • Generate Fast Vouchers

  • Create New Voucher Group

  • Manage Voucher Groups

Fast Vouchers: Fast vouchers can be purchased offline and are time based vouchers with a default bandwidth policy, that gives customers unlimited bandwidth. For convenience, default vouchers are available in the‘Fast Vouchers’ section. There are three types of fast vouchers:

  • Hourly– Vouchers valid only for an hour

  • Half Day – Vouchers valid for 12 hours

  • Full Day – Vouchers valid for 24 hours

Steps to generate ‘Fast Vouchers’:

1. Select the Voucher(s)

2. Click on ‘Create’


  • The created vouchers can be distributed from the ‘Issue Voucher’section on the top right panel.

  • The created vouchers will appear in the ‘Voucher Groups’ table on the same page.

  • The created vouchers cannot be deleted or modified.

    Create New Voucher Group:Apart from the ‘Fast Vouchers’, a user can also generate new vouchers based on custom requirements. To create a voucher, configure the required steps below:
  • Name of the Voucher Group: Enter desired name for the voucher.

  • Usage Type: Choose between a volume or a time based voucher plan. By default the usage type is ‘Time’.

  • MB|Minutes:Enter the maximum number of minutes that can be used.

  • Similarly,for a data based plan, allocate a data usage threshold value in megabytes.

  • Purchase:The voucher can be purchased both ‘Offline’ and ‘Online’.The default voucher setting is ‘Offline’.

    • Offline:Vouchers that can be purchased only offline.

    • Online:Vouchers that can be purchased on the splash page, using Room Billing, Credit Card or through other digital methods.

  • Select B/W Policy: Assign the bandwidth allocated to coupons under a voucher group. You can choose the bandwidth policy from the drop down list or create your own by clicking ‘Create New’. The ‘Create New’ link will redirect the user to the ‘User Bandwidth Policy’ page.

  • Access time Policy: You can restrict or allow the users to access the Internet during a particular time or day.

  • Associate an existing Policy to the voucher group or create a new policy by clicking ‘Create New’. The ‘Create New’ link will redirect the user to the ‘Access Time Policy’ page.

  • Validity Minutes: Enter the value that indicates access time duration.

  • No of Vouchers: The number of vouchers to be generated for a particular voucher group.

  • Free Vouchers: Enable this option to offer the vouchers free of cost. If this flag is marked, then the rest of the fields are necessary, except for description. Once enabled, the customer need not provide payment details during registration.

  • Voucher Cost: Enter the rate at which the voucher is offered to the customer.

  • In-session Ads: Display advertisements in between the active user sessions.

  • Allowed no of concurrent sessions:The number of sessions that a user can simultaneously access using the same voucher – this applies across multiple devices.

 Vouchers Groups:The ‘Voucher Groups’ table gives information about the vouchers generated under ‘Fast Vouchers’ and ‘New Voucher Group’,their sales distribution, cost, etc. The following fields are found in the table:

  • Voucher Group Name: The name given to the vouchers.

  • Usage Type/Purchase: Whether the voucher is DATA based or TIME based and if it can be purchased ONLINE or OFFLINE.

  • Voucher Cost: The cost of each voucher. When ‘Free Vouchers’ are enabled the value is displayed as zero.

  • Tax Applied: Whether tax is applicable or not.

  • Voucher Group Expiry Date: The expiry date for the voucher group.

  • No of Vouchers: The total number of vouchers generated in this particular voucher group.

  • Voucher Distribution (%): The percentage of vouchers that have distributed from a voucher group.

  • Modify:This option can be used to change the Voucher Group name, enable or disable ‘In-session Ads’ and modify the concurrent sessions.