Configure Payment Gateways:

     The Payment Gateway authorizes credit card payments for e-business. The payment gateway feature has to be configured for online voucher purchases.

       Popular Payment Gateways include Citibank, PayPal, PayTM, RazorPAy ad Stripe. 

       Choose the preferred Gateway to click 'Select'.

     To Configure the Citibank Payment Gateway, provide the required details in all the fields and click on 'Apply'.

  • Merchant Id: Enter the merchant Id.
  • Settlement Currency: Pick your currency. 'INR' is selected by default.

     To Configure the PayPal Payment Gateway, provide the required details in all the fields and click on 'Apply'.

  • Login Id: The identification string provided for financial transactions. 
  • Settlement Currency: Pick you currency. 'INR' is selected by default.
  • Password: Enter a password
  • Confirm Password: Re-enter the password
  • Partner Id: The identification string of the partner. This is used for transactions with the payment gateway.
  • Partner Host & Port: The URL to which transaction will be posted.
  • Vendor Id: Enter the 'Vendor Id' provided by the PayPal Payment Gateway.
  • Transaction Time Out: Maximum amount of time allowed for the transaction to be completed.
  • Country Code: A country code is standardized 2-character abbreviation for a country, used as their Top Level Domain in the Domain Name System.
  • AVS required (Address Verification Service): Mark the flag to perform address verification at the time of credit card processing. The credit card authorization fails in the case of any information mismatch. For security reasons. the exact cause for this failure is not displayed.