The external program tool allows enterprises to benchmark the success of various initiatives on store activity and an on premise engagement.

Step 1: Program Design

  • Navigate to CRM - External Programs.
  • Add Program Name.
  • Add description.
  • Set the run period, or range of time when program will be run.
  • Select the brand/zone/locations where the program will be run.
  • Pick Program Type: These includes, new product launches, At-Pump Programs, Video, Advertisements and more.
  • Click 'Save & Next'.

Step 2: Summary Page

  • Set success criteria on this page
  • Set the Analysis rage : i.e how long the Wi-Fi metrics are analysed for after the program is completed.
  • Set benchmark range : i.e the 'before' range of time that the marketer considers to be the control group.

Step 3: Add External Program Widgets

  • Follow the steps in the How to add a new widget FAQ.
  • Select the External program widget and add it to any custom dashboard.
  • Review multiple campaigns across various location analytics to measure the success of your external programs.