In addition to the emails collected through the Wavespot Captive Portal, you can strengthen your database by uploading existing email lists as well. Once an upload is complete, you can include these emails in all you marketing efforts.

  • Click on 'List' under the 'CRM' tab

  • Click on 'Create New List' under the 'Lists' tab

  • Upload your existing emails in three easy steps:

    • Input a List Name and Description
    • From List Target choose Subscribers. This feature allows you to upload a CSV file of your existing emails collected outside the wavespot platform
    • Download an example file to find the correct CSV format to configure your CSV to. (If your CSV file is not configured correctly, it will not be uploaded.)
    • Rules allows you to create custom lists for Wavespot-collected emails, and Unsubscribers allows you to upload a list of people that have opted out of email marketing.
    • Click Upload Subscribers and upload a CSV file
    • Click Submit. Your uploaded list added at the top

     Wavespot users can also review list details my clicking the "I" icon on the list section. The section provides details on:


       Reach looks at total number of contacts in the list

  • Review when the list was created and the subscriber growth over a period of time.
  • Review data sources from where you received customer contact address (upload, social logins etc).
  • Lists of Subscribers and Unsubscribers.