There are various ways to use Wavespot to see how your business is doing. 

Check how many people are connecting.

Go to the homepage and you will see how many people are connecting to your WiFi. New Unique Users are how many new customers connected to your WiFi at your business. Return Users are those who connected previously and have come back. Visitors are the total number of connects you have had during the time period chosen.

See what people are saying about your business.

On the homepage near the bottom, you can see what people are saying about you on Yelp, Foursquare, Facebook, and Twitter. This can help you see what you are doing well and could work on. 

Checking your social analytics

Navigate to the Analytics tab from your dashboard. Go the the Fan Growth tab on the left and you can see how many new fans you have gotten through Wavespot and through other means in the chosen time period. Go down to Add/Remove Fans to see how many fans you are gaining/losing on a daily basis. Drop below to Page Impressions where you can see how many people have viewed your Facebook fanpage. On the Top Influencers tab you are shown the connected customers who have helped promote your business the most. Below on the Post Impressions page, you can see how many people are seeing the social posts shared by your customers. On the Social Message page you can see the marketing dollar value the social posts are bringing you. 

These tools should give you a good sense of how your business is doing.