Customers come to expect of free WiFi once they are at a business. This is especially true for businesses such as coffee shops, restaurants, event venues, etc. Businesses can give out free WiFi by hooking up any off-the-shelf WiFi APs. But that doesn't bring in any advantage to the business. How can he know who is using it, how many are using it, etc. Business in general surely interested in hearing feedback from their customers and letting them know if there is any promo.

Enter the Wavespot. Wavespot is a revolutionary new concept that combines the power of social media marketing and the desire to share Wi-Fi with friends and patrons. Wavespot provides controlled access to your internet connection, and then by your patrons “liking” your fan page on Facebook they are sharing that “like” with their friends and becoming a fan of the merchant for ongoing communications and marketing.

Think Wavespot as a layer on top of free WiFi that provides frictionless experience to the customers and hugely valuable data rich information to businesses about their customers.